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Making tomorrow
a better place.

We believe in the power of transformation. We believe that by shaping objects and the experiences around those objects we’re capable of improving lives, neighborhoods and communities. While change is inevitable it can also be innovative, creative, and productive—all that’s required is a nurturing hand. We shape places and, in turn, they shape us.

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We've Got You

Work, Health, Culture and Life are hard to separate. That’s why at Baker Barrios we don’t ask you to. With an innovative, modern approach to how, when, and where you work, its easier than ever to do your best.


Inspiration doesn’t always strike on command. At BBA we encourage our employeed to keep a schedule that works for them. So long as you are keeping your meetings and deadlines in order your schedule is yours to keep, whether you are an early bird or night owl. Core hours are between 10AM and 3PM and the rest is up to you.


Baker Barrios offers a comprehensive health insurance program for its employees. Choose a plan that best fits your lifestyle and additional options for vision and dental as well as ancillary coverage options. BBA even covers Short-Term Disability and Life Insurance for all its employees so you can rest easy.

Time Off

We love what we do, but everyone needs a break to recharge. BBA offers all employees 15 days a year to start. Days are given at the beginning of the year instead of accrued providing you more freedom to chose how to use them. Sick days are unlimited as well so they don’t interfere with your PTO.


We care for our employess future, offering a built in retirement savings program that kicks in automatically the quarter following your first 90 days. Baker Barrios will match a discretionary amount to help you along as well.

Personal Health

Our in-house Health Committee spearheads healthy initiatives around the office. These include yoga classes, subsidized gym memberships, local hikes, bike rides and runs, water bottle stations, and even vegetable and herb growing classes.

And More

Baker Barrios wants to be the forever firm for its employees. A place where trust and respect are exchanged freely. In that pursuit we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our employees.

  • Dress-For-Your-Day Dresscode
  • Unlimited Sick Days
  • Gym Membership Stipend
  • Paid Holidays Throughout the Year
  • Employee Referral Program


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Transform the present.
Shape the future.
Make tomorrow a better place.

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